Conference days (September, 7-9)

Wednesday, September 7
9.15 Opening Session L. Ronchi Abbozzo, G.M. Carlomagno, C. Corsi, E. Grinzato, I. Pippi, O. Salvetti, S. Santucci, M. Strojnik
Advanced Sensors, Chairman: G.M. Carlomagno
09.30 C. Corsi (invited lecture)
Infrared: a key technology for security systems
10.10 V. Grossi, S. Santucci, M. Passacantando
Photoconductivity and Optical Response of MWCNT Devices
10.30 M. D'Acunto, O. Salvetti, D. Moroni
Single Molecule Detection based on Near-Infrared Sensors
10.50      Coffee Break
Advanced Sensors, Chairman: S. Santucci
11.20 H. Zogg (invited lecture)
Mid-Infrared 3-5 um Continuously Tunable Single Mode VECSEL for Gas-Spectroscopy
12.00 C. Corsi, A. Dundee, P. Laurenzi, N. Liberatore, D. Luciani, S. Mengali, A. Mercuri, A. Pifferi, G. Tosone, R. Viola, D. Zintu
Chemical Warfare Agents Analyzer based on low cost, room temperature, Infrared microbolometer Smart Sensors
12.20 P. Carelli
A fast compact THz spectrometer
12.40 N. Liberatore, D. Luciani, S.Mengali, R. Viola
Detection and identification of illicit drugs and precursors by IR absorption spectroscopy and gas chromatography
13.00      Lunch
Thermo-fluid-dynamics, Chairman: J. Morikawa
14.30 G.M. Carlomagno (invited lecture)
Flow Field and Heat Transfer in a Rotating U Channel
15.10 M. Imbriale, A. Ianiro, G. Cardone, G.M. Carlomagno
Heat transfer in jets impinging on airfoil leading edge region for anti-icing purposes
Advanced Technology and Materials, Chairman: D. Balageas
15.30 P. Madejczyk, W. Gawron, J. Wróbel, S. Krishna, A. Rogalski (invited lecture)
Thermoelectrically cooled MWIR InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodiodes
16.10 M. Imbriale, C. Caramiello, G. Cardone, G.M. Carlomagno
Ceramic shell thermo-physical properties measurement for investment casting
16.30 E. Pieczyska, R. Maciak, J. Luckner
Infrared imaging of ferromagnetic NiFeGaCoSMA single crystal subjected to subsequent compression cycles
16.50 J. Tesar, P. Vacikova and O. Soukup
Infrared camera analysis of laser hardening
17.10 C. Toscano, C. Meola, M. Iori, G. Carlomagno
Porosity and inclusion detection in CFRP by infrared thermography
17.30      Coffee Break
Industrial Applications, Chairman: O. Salvetti
18.00 P. Bison, E. Grinzato
Emissivity measurement of semitransparent textiles
18.20 M. Marchetti, M. Moutton, S. Ludwig, J. Dumoulin, L. Ibos, V. Feuillet
Improvements and limits in the use of an infrared camera for pavement thermal mapping
18.40 M. Svantner, P. Vacikova, M. Honner
Noncontact charge temperature measurement on industrial continuous furnaces
Thursday, September 8
Image Processing and Data Analysis, Chairman: A. Rogalski
09.00 D. Balageas (invited lecture)
In Search of Early Time: An original approach in the thermographic identification of thermophysical properties and defects
09.40 M.T. Ahmed, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, A. Bendada, X. Maldague
Wavelet based de-noising method for pulsed phase thermography
10.00 M. Strojnik, G. Paez, A.Ortega
Bi-spectral imaging in mid-IR at 1000 frames per second
10.20 M. D'Acunto, D. Moroni, O. Salvetti
Near-infrared spectroscopy for functional studies of brain: a challenge for BOLD model
10.40 A. Merla, D. Cardone, L. Di Carlo, L. Di Donato, A. Ragnoni, A. Visconti, G.L. Romani
Noninvasive system for monitoring driver’s physical state
11.00      Coffee Break
Remote sensing and astrophysics, Chairman: G. Paez
11.30 P. Coppo, L. Chiarantini, L. Alparone
End-to-End Performance simulator for trade-off studies of vnir-swir imaging optical payloads
11.50 A. Merla, L. Di Donato, M.L.Rainone, M. Di Fazio, P. Greco, P. Signanini
Inspection of solid wastes landfill by means of aerial differential infrared thermography
12.10 A. Barducci, D. Guzzi, C. Lastri, P. Marcoionni, V. Nardino, I. Pippi
Emissivity and temperature retrieval using maximum entropy probability distribution
12.30      Lunch
Cultural Heritage, Chairman: I. Pippi
14.30 G. Paez, M. Strojnik, A. Ortega (invited lecture)
Near-IR illumination sources to determine invisible images on old paintings
15.10 C. Ibarra-Castanedo, S. Sfarra, X.Maldague
Infrared vision inspection of cultural heritage objects from L'Aquila city and its surroundings
15.30 F.Albertin, L.Boselli, M. Gambaccini, E. Peccenini, V.Pellicori, F. Petrucci, F.Tisato
Wide band IR reflectography
16.00      Coffee Break
Buildings and Infrastructure, Chairman: C. Maierhofer
16.30 E. Grinzato (invited lecture)
Structural investigation of buildings by IR thermography: the case study of Aquila earthquake, 2009
17.10 F. B. D. Djupkep, X. Maldague, A. Bendada, E. Grinzato, P. Bison
Room Air Movement Analysis by IR Thermography
17.30 V. Redaelli, S. Caglio, M. Gargano, N. Ludwig, E. Rosina
The surfaces of contemporary architecture: characterization of clinker by IRT
17.50 M.I. Alba, L. Barazzetti, E. Rosina, M. Scaioni
A new IRT-photogrammetric procedure for 3D rendering
18.10 A. Bortolin, G. Cadelano, G. Ferrarini, P. Bison, E. Grinzato
Measurement of thermal performances of radiant heating systems by IR thermography
20.00      Social Dinner
Friday, September 9
Surface and Interface Thermal Analysis, Chairman: E. Grinzato
09.30 J. Morikawa (invited lecture)
Two-dimensional thermal analysis of organic and polymeric materials with cooled and un-cooled infrared cameras
10.10 V. Joshi, K. Balasubramaniam, R.V. Prakash
The thermomechanical behaviour of friction stir welded AA 5083 under uniaxial loading by infrared thermography
10.30      Coffee Break
Non Destructive Evaluation, Chairman: H. Zogg
11.00 C. Maierhofer, M. Röllig, H. Steinfurth, M. Ziegler, M. Kreutzbruck, C. Scheuerlein, S. Heck (invited lecture)
Comparison of different infrared camera systems and excitation strategies for testing of solder connections
11.40 C. Meola, G.M. Carlomagno, C. Bonavolontà, M. Valentino
Monitoring composites under bending tests with infrared thermography
12.00 W.Swiderski, V.Vavilov
Studying the phenomenon of composite transparency in thermal NDT
12.20      Discussion and Closing Session
13.00      Lunch
15.00      Visit to L’Aquila Old Center